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Hello to all:
Please forgive me already new!
I'm still deciding between the peavey classic 30 and the Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I've been dieing for a tube rectifier for years ...but for the price the classic 30 sounds pretty sweet ...even with a S.S. rectifier, Ive heard it sounds very smoothe. Want a low watt tube amp ...even thinking about the peavey mini colossal.

Question1: On the FDRR ...specifically ...what would the effect be of changing the stock 8ohm speaker to a 16ohm speaker??? I think it would reduce power? Would it lead to earlier breakup? Would it produce a thinner sound?
What do you think?

Question2: How difficult/expensive would it be to change out the S.S. rectifier in the peavey classic 30 for a better S.S. rectifier???
I'm thinking this might smoothe out the amp even more.

Overall ...I'm looking for a liquid, spacey tone. Similar to Pink Floyd or Gary Moore on his slower, minor Key blues. A note that blooms and breathes ...and for heavier tones smooth power chords/no buzz saw, but still have some thump and lightning.
I've read so many contradictory reviews on these amps. Especially concerning "noise" issues.

I've had many tube amps, my last hope was the marshall dsl40, I know Gary Moore used one a lil...didn't like it ...too "immediate", it didn't allow any "bloom" or "breathe" in the notes. The distortion was too harsh for me.
I would automatically stay away from the peavey classic ...but I've heard it is a really smoothe amp for having a S.S. Rectifier.

Please don't flame me for my questions. I know there are many threads on the classic vs fddr ...I'm just trying to make an informed decision. I know hearing them for myself is important ...but so is talking shop with others who I'm sure have more experience with these amps than i do.
Rob in Kansas
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