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Peter Case

Palms Playhouse, Davis, California
July 27th, 2000

Here's another show I recorded way back when. I didn't have the original WAV files so these are ripped from the CDs made from the original WAV files.

Peter>Sony MS907>Sony MZR900>WAV>CDR>WAV>FLAC

Disc 1
01 On The Way Down
02 Something Happens
03 Poor Old Town
04 Two Heroes
05 Two Angels
06 Space Monkey
07 Icewater
08 Walkin' Bum
09 Cold Trail Blues
10 Coulda Shoulda Woulda
11 Travelin' Light
12 How 'Bout You
13 Entella Hotel
14 Put Down The Gun
15 Horse And Crow

Disc 2
01 Steel Strings
02 Still Playin'
03 Beyond The Blues
04 Little Wind (Could Blow Me Away)
05 Hidden Love
06 Blue Distance
07 Walking Home Late
08 Roving Gambler
09 Lakes Of Ponchatrain
10 Let Me Fall
11 Honey Child

In short, not perfect but listenable.
This was a great show, Peter was very talkative between sets and afterwards.
I think this show is very listenable. It's one of those where it's fine during the performance but the audience is loud (applause) in between songs. It does run a bit hot. I haven't done any "mastering" on this. I've recorded better but I like this show. It's Just Peter and David Perales.

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