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These are Demos by The Keep from around 1989 or 90 not really sure, The band was pretty much White Tiger only with Peter Criss on The Drums. The sound quality is very good, The songs aren't too bad very *80s-ish".

Peter Criss - Vocals/Drums
David Donato - Vocals
Mark St. John - Lead Guitar
Michael Norton - Bass

01. Between The Lines
02. Do Ya Know What I Mean (Peter Criss vocals)
03. Love For Sale
04. Been A Long Time
05. All Night Long
06. Love For Sale (Version 2)
07. Been A Long Time (Version 2)
08. All Night Long (Version 2)
09. Do Ya Know What I Mean (Version 2) (Peter Criss vocals)

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jasonthebuc said:
Thanks for the post.I didn't even know Peter Criss was in an early version of White Tiger.
White Tiger disbanded late 1987 before (or during) the recording af the second album. So this is Peter being in a late (or the last) version of White Tiger.

To the uploader:
Thanks a lot for this one. I've been looking for those demos some time now.
Is there anyone out there that would like to share Peter Criss "Alliance" demos from 1983-84 which includes the excellent song "Tell Tale Valentine"?
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