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Peter Green Splinter Group
The Limelight, Belfast, Ireland
April 27, 2000

Source: unknown mics > DAT audience recording (taped by: Gordon Irwin)

Editing: Soundforge (tracking) > Wav (EAC tested) > TLH (sector boundary aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den 7/29/18 - Tracked by kingrue upload 1547

This is a splendid audience recording, that should be new to many Peter Green fans.

This wasn't listed in the db.etree database, until now.

A Big thanks goes to MR for supplying the master wave files and a Big thanks goes to Michael (mjallen) for figuring out the set list !!

Peter seems to be really enjoying himself during this show and is playing well, I think you'll enjoy this show too !

There is a tape break between tracks 13 & 14, and track 14 instrumental fades in (does anybody know the song title for it ?)

EAC tested as CDDA with probability 100%.

As you know, this will never be on Dime, so this is the place to get it !!

Band members:
Peter Green – (vocals, lead guitar, slide guitar, harmonica)
Nigel Watson – (vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar)
Roger Cotton – (piano, Hammond C3, rhythm guitar)
Larry Tolfree – (drums, percussion)
Pete Stroud – (fretless and fretted bass guitars, double bass)

Set list:
01 Running
02 It Takes Time
03 Can't Help Myself
04 Until The Well Runs Dry
05 Big Change Is Gonna Come
06 Shadow On My Door
07 I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
08 Sweet Home Chicago
09 I Believe
10 Little Red Rooster
11 Albatross
12 Green Manalishi
13 Black Magic Woman
14 Instrumental (fades in)
15 Need Your Love So Bad
16 Band Introductions
17 Stop Breakin' Down Blues
18 Goin' Down
19 Look On Yonder Wall

Total Time = 01:54:34

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