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Phil Collins - 1985-05-29 ~ Dallas, TX
HDTV-Rip Proshot


I Don't Care Anymore
Only You Know and I Know
I Cannot Believe It's True
This Must Be Love
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
Inside Out
Who Said I Would
If Leaving Me Is Easy
Behind the Lines
(Genesis song)
Don't Lose My Number
The West Side
One More Night
In the Air Tonight
Like China
You Can't Hurry Love
(The Supremes cover)
It Don't Matter to Me
Hand in Hand
Take Me Home
It's All Right

Download here:

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Thanks Arcossi for posting this, looks like a goodun!! Sadly its offline now, do you still have the rars, any chance of a re-up? pm me if you can only post on a short term server and I'll repost on FF on your behalf :)
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