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Phil Ochs -
Montreal, Canada;
October 22, 1966

MP3 @ 320
Artwork Included

01 Cross My Heart
02 Song Of My Returning
03 The Bells
04 Flower Lady
05 Miranda
06 Joe Hill
07 I'm Gonna Say It Now
08 Pleasures Of The Harbor
09 I Ain't Marching Anymore
10 Outside A Small Circle Of Friends

11 I've Had Her
12 Intro, Tuning, Banter
13 There But For Fortune
14 Banter--Did you ever wonder whether Lyndon Johnson smokes marijuana?
15 Cops Of The World
16 Crucifixion
17 Is There Anybody Here?
18 Changes
19 The Party
20 Positively Fourth Street (tease)--intro
21 Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore
22 Power And The Glory

* This show had long been rumored To Have Been Recorded By The FBI and this bootleg was titled "the FBI tapes",

Phil Ochs was one the greatest political and topical folk singers of the 1960s. The FBI kept Phil Ochs under active surveillance for thirteen years. The introduction of The Freedom of Information Act revealed pages and pages of information on Phil with the FBI labeling him a "communist" with “un-American thoughts”. Despite the hundreds of pages in his FBI file, THe FBI never found that Ochs never committed any federal crimes. He continued to be under investigation until his death by suicide in 1976.

Phil Ochs - 1966-10-22, Montreal MP3 320 .zip - FileFactory

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