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Dear all Rock Progressive Fans.
I live in São Paulo, Brazil and sorry about my english, is no good ...
I need a HELP !

I try to find various pictures (or photos) of Trevor Rabin guitar when he used in the 90125 album tour in the inumerous websites around the world but whitout success, and my daughter (she is Trevor and YES fan) need make a school homework about this guitarist.
Please, somebody can help us where find this pictures or photos ?
Thanks very much.

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Here's a picture of a replica of his strat.

There is very little info on his gear out on the net,
I know that after 90125 he started using his signature models.
As far as I know there are 3 variations:
Westone Pantera Rabin
Westone Trabin
Alvarez Trevor Rabin
I have heard that none of these were actually made in the matsumoku factory, so it's a bit of a mystery where they were actually made. Maybe St Louis Music can help you with that.
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