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Pink Floyd - 1969-1970 - Omayyad
(Excellent studio [email protected])

The first edition was released on coloured vinyl in the first half of 1972 by Trade Mark of Quality in USA, the inventors of bootlegs.
Trivia note: around this same time the Best of Tour '72 LP was released in Europe.
Omayyad was the 40th in the TMoQ catalog and the first American bootleg about Pink Floyd. It had large success and was reissued and re-bootlegged many, many times due to the excellent (for the time) sound quality and the presence of unissued songs.
It was probably conceived like a smaller parallel version of Ummagumma, half studio and half live but the limitations of the length of LP sides couldn't support that.
Pink Floyd were in Roma for several days in November and several more in December 1969 where they recorded and produced a large variety of music for the unpleasable supervisor, director Michelangelo Antonioni and his new movie Zabriskie Point.
He knew of Pink Floyd since 1966 and really wanted the song Careful With That Axe, Eugene for his movie.

Only 3 songs were ultimately used for the film and we were introduced to them with the release of the soundtrack in 1970 by MGM. 3 more songs, plus the longer Crumbling Land, surfaced in 1972 with Omayyad. 25 years later the extended sountrack by Rhino records gave us 4 more outtakes. The rest of the known outtakes came out a while later with the first half of the double CD bootleg named A Journey Through Time and Space.

01 - Fingal's Cave
02 - Crumbling Land (Restored Extended Version)
03 - Oenone
04 - Rain In The Country
05 - The Embryo
06 - Interstellar Overdrive
07 - Crumbling Land (Original Extended Version)

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