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Pink Floyd
May 19, 1973
Earls Court Exhibition Hall

101. Obscured By Clouds (5:37)
102. When You're In (9:13)
103. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (14:45)
104. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (11:07)
105. Echoes (25:19)

201. Speak To Me (1:39)
202. Breathe (2:49)
203. On The Run (5:42)
204. Time (5:35)
205. Breathe (Reprise) (1:03)
206. The Great Gig In The Sky (6:16)
207. Money (6:36)
208. Us And Them (7:59)
209. Any Colour You Like (7:02)
210. Brain Damage (3:43)
211. Eclipse (1:46)
212. One of These Days (10:26)

Supine In The Sunshine
Label: Harvested HRV CDR 011 Rev.A

Obscured By Clouds > When You're In

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Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

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Careful With That Axe, Eugene > Echoes

[ROGER: We're gonna take a short break now and come back and do another set.] ><

Speak To Me > Breathe > On The Run > Time > Breathe (Reprise) > The Great Gig In The Sky > Money > Us And Them > Any Colour You Like > Brain Damage > Eclipse

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One of These Days

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U.K. Concerts
May 18th-May 19th, 1973

SHELTER - National Campaign for the Homeless benefit

As far as releases go, there are really not many RoIOs available about the '73 tour and the sound quality is generally abyssal. Both "If You Were A Bluebird" (Oil Well records) and "Remergence" contain decent quality recordings of the first set of the Earl's Court show. About 2 years ago, a new tape surfaced with a decent sound quality and a real good performance: YEESHKUL! (DFP - 322 Digital Floyd Project), March 11 1973, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. Thanks to this RoIO we were able to hear a complete performance of the '73 tour. Unfortunately some never-heard-before-FAT-PIG-physiologic-clicks murdered this record (those who heard this record know what I mean ;))

OBSCURED BY CLOUDS/WHEN YOU'RE IN : The major attraction of this show is the presence of 2 tracks from the soundtrack for the movie "La Vallee" : "Obscured by Clouds" and "When You're In". It's these two songs that make this tour so desirable, as the band played Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety, leaving little room for new material. The other song from "La Vallee" that was performed live was "Childhood's End". You can find an extraordinary performance of this gem recorded in France, in late '72 on ECLIPSE (Harvested).

Since "Let There Be More Light", and of course, "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun", "Obscured by Clouds" was the last song performed by the Floyd with an "oriental" feeling (just listen to the impressive things that Rick does on his keyboard at the beginning of the show). These 2 pieces are stuck together, and The Floyd played an extended version of "When You're In" with a long jam in the middle. This classic Floyd jam is very close in terms of rhythm, bass lines and feeling to the jam section from Echoes. We can hear the 4 Floyd playing and jamming together and this is a true joy, since this was their last real collective material.

SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN: A GREAT version. Rick Wright does a wonderful job on it during the middle section. This is the typical jam-middle-section that we can hear on the Pompeii soundtrack, with those impressive waterfall, cascade of synthetics notes and sounds ...

CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE, EUGENE : the build-up is good, a wild scream, Nick's drumming is ferocious. Too bad that the sound is too distant, especially during this track! Anyway, this is not the '72 Boeblingen or the Hollywood Bowl version although this is a good version ...

ECHOES : not a so good version IMO and ... unfortunately since it is my all time favourite Floyd song. They play it at a slow tempo or it sounds as if they play it at a slower tempo: This is the only track from this set that shows signs of tiredness and a lack of energy.

The DARK SIDE OF THE MOON performance is good, especially for a post '72 show. The performance does not sound tired and sloppy as many of the other '73 or 74-75 performances. No particular wonderful solo during Time to point out, this is "just" a "common" solo ;). Highlights are - in my opinion - THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY : at last one version where the female choir doesn't murder the song! Rick on grand piano plays so good!

US AND THEM is also a must-listen-to-it version: Dick Parry on saxophone does his finest solos on this version ... Wonderful ... ... You must hear this gem! At the end of Brain Damage, Rick Wright uses the same sound than he used for Obscured By Clouds, therefore it sounds a little weird.

As for the encore, the sound is too distant too really appreciate this version of One Of These Days.

THE SOUND QUALITY : the sound is a little distant and there is some background noise (breathe in the air ... :) The drums are well captured during Obscured by Clouds/When You're In, then it sounds a little distant. Too bad, since Nick's performance is very good for a post '72 show; his drumming deserved a better sound quality. However it is still REALLY enjoyable. The encore (One of These Days) sounds really distant and its sound quality is lesser good than the rest of the show. It is quiet as good in terms of sound quality than BLACK HOLES IN THE SKY and a little better than YEESHKUL!. Therefore, I would rate SUPINE ... EX (VG+ for One of These Days). As for the pitch, the speed seems correct, although Marc-Olivier Becks told me that it was mastered a _bit_ too fast. I have taken my guitar and tried to be the fifth member of Pink Floyd by playing guitar during Breathe (don't worry, Dave, you won't have to exchange your guitar for a drum set because of me!). The common chord progression (Em, etc ..) works and it doesn't seem to be out of tune.
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