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Pink Floyd - 1973-06-22 - Buffalo, NY
(Audience FLAC)

Memorial Auditorium

source audience - gen:? (low)

my source CDR(?) > CDR

01 Obscured by Clouds
02 When You're In
03 Set The Controls
04 Careful with that Axe, Eugene
05 Echoes
06 Speak To Me
07 Breathe

01 On The Run
02 Time
03 Breathe (reprise)
04 The Great Gig in the Sky
05 Money
06 Us and Them
07 Any Colour You Like / Brain Damage
08 Eclipse
09 One of These Days

This is obviously from a very low generation tape copied to DAT. Minimal hiss, quite clean, without a lot of noticeable editing. This is the complete recording of Buffalo 73, including all the tunings and audience-reception.
here we have indeed pieces of tuning + audience completely missing in the other version (after Careful) where the crowd requests songs (Money /Arnold Layne /Point Me At The Sky etc...)
Echoes is split, starts > fades out > re-starts again.
same happens to The Great Gig In The Sky.
On The Run is split too ... fades out at the very end on the first CD and shows up again restarting from the very end on CD2 (I guess who made this version followed exactly the order on the tape).
During the tuneups between 'When You're In' and 'Set The Controls', the taper clearly says "yeeshkul" into the microphone...perhaps he was the same taper who captured the 11 March show of the same name? Chances are that he was, and he was accompanied by the same friend who made inebriated noises and burps during the earlier 'Yeeshkul' show, since he repeats them in this recording. You can hear the same chap (likely taper) screaming "yeeshkul!": at the end of When You're In (2 times), at the end of Echoes and at the end of Money, during the first few notes of 'Us And Them'.
a wonderful performance, audience very warm and excited ...


REMASTER NOTES: I used two different tapes for this, both initially sourced from the same master. On one (master 2) I got rid of the left channel because it was very choppy and full of drop outs and stereo spatialized the right into 2 channels. Toned down the hiss slightly (there wasn't a lot), and EQ'd it a bit to bring the highs out a little better. I also speed corrected it a tiny bit, and used a compander to chase out the uneveness of the volume. This is the tape I used to patch bad spots in the other. The other version of the tape (master 1 - Return Of The Yeeshkul) was used for majority of the show. Unfortunately this tape sounded duller and could not be EQd to sound as good as the other. Also it was a very damaged tape, with dropouts, flutter and wrinkled spots throughout that I could not get rid of without their being replaced by bursts of hiss from the volume increase. as it is I ran 3 passes of a compander to try to level out all the dropouts and get it to where it was useable. Consequently the show is very compressed sounding, kind of FM radio-like. It also needed a wee bit of speed correction. Strangely, though it was very well recorded stereo image, Echoes was in mono from the start to the applause at the end. I began using master 2 beginning with a fade at the start of Echoes because the stereo image I was trying to keep up to that point disappeared. The right channel of the tape was pretty garbled throughout Brain Damage/Eclipse, and the left was duller in quality, so the end of the 2nd set beginning with the section that bridges the songs at the end of ACYL is from master 2, the spatialized mono one. I also used this for most of GGitS because the main tape went out of alignment after the flip and sounded like it was drowning for several seconds, a sound which also reappeared in the middle of the song. Rather than create two patches in the song that might be obvious, I just replaced the entire song. I'd really have liked to preserve the stereo image throughout the show, but both tapes were badly aged and all I could salvage was the one channel for the second set. There were many edits and stops which I crossfaded as smoothly as possible, trying for a balance between undetectability and losing as little of the tape as I could. I went through this trouble for one reason (And Buffalofloyd had the same reason for doing a Rev-A on the same tape): this is one of the best PF shows I've come across from this period. The OBC/WYI jam is amazing, and I personally think this is the single best DSotM I've ever heard. Dave's voice is good (and he doesn't try any of those deviations from the arrangement where he tries to be spur-of-the-moment creative, and which almost invariably fall flat), his guitar playing is top notch (The Time solo is brilliant and doesn't suffer from his frequent repetetive brain-jam somewhere, Money RIPS, and ACYL rips MORE!). There's a great little moment near the end of GGitS where Rick starts going a bit jazzy, then Nick catches on and Roger starts doing a walking bassline. Even Us And Them (in my opinion one of the most boring songs ever written) is pretty jamming. I love this show. Makes me actually enjoy listening to DSotM again. All remaster work done with Adobe Audition 1.5. Flac conversion and SBE correction by TLH


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