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Pink Floyd
1977 07-06
Olympic Stadium

Montreal All Is Forgiven (Stereo Version) 6 Source Mix

Yes, this is the "Spitting Incident" where Roger spits on a fan after calling him to the stage in a "demonic" voice
Yes, the spitting incident (allegedly) propelled the group to write "The Wall" to isolate the band from the fans

101. Sheep
102. Pigs On The Wing Pt 1
103. Dogs
104. Angry Pigs On The Wing Pt 2
105. Pigs (3 Different Ones)
106. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1-5
107. Welcome To The Machine

201. Have A Cigar
202. Wish You Were Here
203. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 6-9
204. Money
205. Us And Them
206. Drift Away Blues

Pink Floyd - 1977 07-06 All Is Forgiven Stage Banter

(POTW2) Oh, for fuck's sake. Stop lighting off fireworks and shouting and screaming, I'm trying to sing a song. I mean I don't care... If you don't wanna hear it, you know... Fuck you! I'm sure there's a lot of people here who do want to hear it. So why don't you just be quiet... If you wanna light your fireworks off, go outside and light them off out there. And if you wanna shout and scream and holler go and do it out there but... I'm trying to sing a song that some people want to listen to. I want to listen to it!

(Pigs 3DO) Last Verse, Roger Shouts 19/61 Guitar solo plays (The numbers were in all the shows)
During the last minute or so of the song Roger shouts the following:
One? Hea!!!!!... Come back PIG!!!!!!....COME BACK!!!... All is forgiven!... Come on boy!...ohh wow (Whistle - As if to call someone to him, like a dog or a kid) Come on son...Just a little hundred yards(??)...Yeaaaaaa!!!!! (Roger makes strange noises ala Careful With That Axe, Eugene) Oh yea, come on down when you're told(??)...Thats a good boy. Come on son, good boy - good boy

The first set ends with Waters announcing "We'll be back in vingt minutes" (French for 20 minutes).

(SOYCD6-9) Roger changes the lyrics to the following : "Nobody knows where WE are, how near or how far"; during the chorus ("shine on... you... crazy diamond..."), Gilmour starts laughing and can't do it so Roger has to sing it alone. Then on the last verse of the second suit ("Pile on many more YEARS and I'll be joining you there"), it's Roger that has to rush to the end of the song before he starts laughing his ass off...

At the end of this second set a guy is yelling Syd Barrett...

Money is played as an Encore. Roger says "Thank you very much... See you again maybe"......
There is more crowd noise. Some people shout "Echoes", another asks for "jouez Set The Controls pour le centre du soleil !!!" (French for "play Set The Controls For The Center of the sun").

Waters : "OK, we're gonna do another tune...Just 'cos there's a few arseholes down the front here...there's no need for everybody to get up-set...And we have enjoyed it...We hope you have...As soon as everyone else gets here, we'll do one more"...[more crowd noise, assi, assiez-vous (French for Sit Down)] "This tune is called Us & Them, It's from Dark Side Of The Moon...It's very quiet so lets keep quiet....Try and end this thing peacefully."

Then begins "US AND THEM". There is a charming girl who shouts during US AND THEM "asseyez vous bande de salauds!", which means translated in English "Sit down, you bunch of bastards!"

At the end of "Us And Them" Roger says (he sounds apologetic): "Thank You!.... Take is Easy!.... Don't Worry.. about it ....I Don't... Well I do (echoes in mike like in Us and Them) I wish I didn¹t (echoes again like in Us and Them)"; lots of loud applause.

The crowd is shouting "assis!" (French for Sit Down!) and then the Floyd comes back... without Gilmour:
"Okay. Well listen, we can't do anymore of our old songs. So were just gonna play some music, you know, to go home to, for you. We're not noted as a blues band. And were just gonna play a slow blues and then everybody can just calm down a bit and everything will all be alright. And thank you again for coming.", says Waters.

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