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Pink Floyd live at the kuip city rotterdam holland 1988-06-13

this one is sound upgrade

taped by Ane (flipp022)

Audience recording

recorder sony wmd6c cassette

microfoon homemade model 1983 the first on headband

Sound edited by Ane (flipp022)

flac level> 8

19 tracks

01.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts I - V)

02.Signs Of Life

03.Learning To Fly

04.Yet Another Movie

05.Round And Around


07.The Dogs Of War

08.On The Turning Away

09.One Of These Days


11.On The Run

12.The Great Gig In The Sky

13.Wish You Were Here

14.Welcome To The Machine

15.Us And Them


17.Another Brick In The Wall - part 2

18.Comfortably Numb

19.One Slip

20.Run Like Hell

start track 01. and 02. low end deformation was the PA bass to loud, deformation was in it PA


1988-06-13 - Pink Floyd - Rotterdam - Recorder 3

Stadion Feyenoord, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Lineage: unknown gen. cassette -> Sony HCD-EH26 + Creative SB Audigy SE + Audacity 2.0.5 -> wave -> NeroWaveEditor and AdobeAudition -> TLH -> flac

01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
02 Signs Of Life
03 Learning To Fly
04 Welcome
05 Yet Another Movie
06 Sorrow
07 The Dogs Of War
08 On The Turning Away
09 One Of These Days
10 Time
11 On The Run
12 The Great Gig In The Sky
13 Wish You Were Here
14 Welcome To The Machine
15 Us And Them
16 Money
17 Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
18 One Slip
19 Run Like Hell (cut)

David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Richard Wright
Jon Carin - keyboards & vocals
Rachel Fury - backing vocals
Durga McBroom - backing vocals
Scott Page - saxophone
Guy Pratt - bass guitar & vocals
Tim Renwick - guitars
Margaret Taylor - backing Vocals
Gary Wallis - percussion

New audience recording.
Not a great recording, good for completist.
Miss Comfortably Numb, replace in the tape with another CN from another date and Run Like Hell is cut.

Rating : VG- / G+


Do not encode to any lossy format !!!

Nipote - 2014-12-08
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