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PINK FLOYD - French TV 1968-1969

format: PAL
ratio : 4:3
video : 6000kbps
audio : Linear PCM 48kHz
length: 66 min
sub-titles : English

BOUTON ROUGE (broadcast 24Feb68)
- Astronomy Domine
- Flaming
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- Let There Be More Light

SAMEDI ET COMPAGNIE (broadcast 21Sep68)
- Let There Be More Light
- Remember A Day

TOUS EN SCENE (broadcast 26Nov68)
- Let There Be More Light
- Flaming

SURPRISE PARTIE (broadcast 31Dec68)
- Let There Be More Light

FORUM MUSIQUES (broadcast 15Feb69)
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- A Saucerful Of Secrets

This DVD was received from an anonymous fan without any info
about the lineage, but the quality of these rare TV archives
is superb! This is the very first time that the footage from
Samedi Et Compagnie and Forum Musiques surfaces, as well as
the 4th song the Floyd played at Bouton Rouge (Let There Be
More Light), making the Floyd performance from Bouton Rouge
available in its complete form, for the first time.

And even if the rest of the Bouton Rouge show, as well as
the live performances from Tous En Scene and Surprise Partie,
were available previously, they are presented here without
any logo, and with better video and audio quality than the
previous versions.

During the French spoken parts (band introductions and the
David Gilmour interview during Forum Musiques), English
sub-titles are available.

Last but not least, some extremely rare black & white promo
videos from that era are also included as bonus, even if
they are not mentioned in the artwork.

Don't miss it, this is a MUST HAVE !

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
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