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Pink Floyd Mega-rare restored vinyl "High Time" Rome Italy 1968-05-06 and London 1969-05-12 - Features "The Narrow Way" with vocals, superb sound!

Continuing my never-to-be-quenched thirst for vinyl, here's a great offering from the European anti-CD label Sodium Haze
Records. Pressed in perhaps batches of 50-100 pieces (correct me if I'm wrong there), your chances of snagging one are
very limited... you'd better not blink or it will go away.

Side one features three tunes from the "Rome Goes Pop! program(me): Astronomie Domine, Set The Controls For The Heart Of
The Sun, and Interstellar Overdrive. The first two tracks are sourced from a VPRO-FM radio rebroadcast on 1988-04-29. The
third track is an audio rip from the television broadcast on ARD TV (West Germany) from 1968-05-18. The quality is simply

Side two is pre-FM sourced from the program(me) John Peel's Night Ride: Granchester Meadows (Daybreak),
Cymbaline (Nightmare), Green Is The Colour (The Beginning/Beset By Creatures Of The Deep), and The Narrow Way.
The last track is of mention as it contains vocals. For those of you unfamiliar with the extra titles, these tracks
were performed on the road during 1969 as part of a concept piece "The Man and The Journey". The versions presented
here are notable for their differences from the normal concert routine.

The sequence of songs on this album are simply superb. Hope you like it.

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