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PINK FLOYD - "Just Warmin' Up" (1994 Tampa SBD)
Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida
May 6th, 1994
Excellent Soundboard Recording

Notes: the 19th show of the North American "Division Bell" tour was in Tampa, Florida, this is actually the soundcheck/rehearsal. By no means the greatest sounding board tape, it has a couple drop-outs and there's a moment during Breathe that sounds like the original tape was chewed-up! Still, it's fantastic when all the burps and farts are discounted (sloppy playing aside).
They absolutely destroy the lyrics for Breathe which is funny considering it's been performed live a gazillion times!

David Gilmour - guitar & lead vocals
Nick Mason - drums
Rick Wright - keyboards & vocals
Dick Parry - saxophone
Jon Carin - keyboards & vocals
Tim Renwick - guitar & vocals
Guy Pratt - bass guitar and vocals
Gary Wallis - percussion
Durga McBroom - backing vocals
Sam Brown - backing vocals
Claudia Fontaine - backing vocals

01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V 12:36
02 High Hopes 10:14
03 Breathe 2:14
04 Time-Breathe Reprise (sudden ending) 6:10
05 The Great Gig In the Sky 5:29
06 Lost For Words 8:09
07 Wish You Were Here 5:01
08 Money (sudden ending) 4:25
09 Us and Them 8:10

The Division Bell Tour in 1994 was promoted by Canadian concert impresario Michael Cohl and became the highest-grossing tour in rock music history to that date, with the band playing the entirety of The Dark Side of the Moon in some shows, for the first time since 1975. While preparing for the tour, Pink Floyd spent most of March rehearsing in a hangar at Norton Air Force Base in California.
The concerts featured even more impressive special effects than the previous tour, including two custom designed airships. Three stages leapfrogged around North America and Europe, each 180 feet (55 m) long and featuring a 130-foot (40 m) arch resembling the Hollywood Bowl venue. All in all, the tour required 700 tons of steel carried by 53 articulated trucks, a crew of 161 people and an initial investment of US$4 million plus US$25 million of running costs just to stage. This tour played to 5.5 million people in 68 cities; each concert gathered an average 45,000 audience. Floyd 1994-05-06 Tampa Stadium Soundcheck SBD.rar

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