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Pink Floyd
Would You Buy A Ticket To This Show?
The Omni – Atlanta, GA. Nov. 3-5 1987

DVD 1:
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Signs Of Life
Learning To Fly
Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
A New Machine Part 1
Terminal Frost
A New Machine Part 2
The Dogs of War
On the Turning Away

DVD 2:
One of these Days
On the Run
Wish you were Here
Us and Them
Comfortably Numb

DVD Authoring by Sydb
Video capture by Arnold_Layne
Artwork by Gabi

“For the first time in the history of all that is Pink Floyd, HHO is proud to present the most complete version of the Atlanta Omni footage. This video contains the complete performance of the A Momentary Lapse of Reason album and all of the classic Floyd songs performed except Welcome To The Machine, Another Brick in the Wall part 2, and Money. The source for the DVD is from a VHS tape, the video is near broadcast quality”.

Many thanks to the person that originally posted this show elsewhere.

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Thanks for posting.

A heads up though, I have attempted to download part 2 3 times now and it craps out halfway through every time. The download just dies. I will then pause the download (Firefox download manager), then restart it, and it will d/l for awhile, then it will die and when I try to restart, it will just end.

Might just be a temporary glitch in the Matrix. Am trying again.

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Thank you very much for sharing this. Happy New Year. :-D

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Is this the entire show? Because it's only 1 gig!
1 gig for a 2-disc show?

If anyone has the rest of the links,or another set of links
for the entire 2-disc in its original quality - PLEASE let me know!


Cheers,Doc :wavey:
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