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CBGB's, New York City, NY
Excellent Soundboard Recording

Corrected a couple mislabeled songs as you can tell from artwork. Special thanks to Revolutionarybum.

Wendy O. Williams - vocals
Wes Beech - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboards
Richie Stotts - lead guitar
Chosei Funahara - bass
Stuart Deutsch - drums

01 Tight Black Pants
02 Butcher Baby
03 New York City Jim
04 Fast Food Service
05 Test Tube Babies
06 You Think You're Comin'
07 Concrete Shoes
08 Want You Baby
09 Tight Black Pants
10 Butcher Baby
11 New York City Jim
12 Living Dead
13 Fast Food Service

Recorded before they released their first album in 1980 titled "New Hope For The Wretched", this release actually comes from three separate performances, but since The Plasmatics were practically the house band it's impossible to determine the exact recording date, but it definitely sounds like everything was recorded on the same evening. Awesome sound quality too, and the band play a powerhouse couple sets, at least what we get to hear of those sets here is sizzling.
I saw them open for KISS on the "Creatures Of The Night" tour in Detroit on February 23rd, 1983, and let me tell you, they were an incredible opening act that was impossible to take your eyes off of, especially Wendy O when she did her "whip-cream" encore!! Sadly they didn't blow-up or crash any cars on-stage, but Wendy did chainsaw a guitar in half while it was plugged-in at full volume. Talk about your screaming banshee!!

The Plasmatics were an American punk band formed by Yale University art school graduate Rod Swenson with Wendy O. Williams. Wendy and Rod began auditioning potential band members in 1977 and, in July 1978, the "Plasmatics" gave their first public performance at what would later become the rock shrine CBGB on New York City's Bowery.
From their initial gig at CBGB, the Plasmatics quickly rose in the New York City punk underground scene of the time. From playing a single weekday night, they moved quickly to playing repeated stands of four nights straight with two sold-out shows each night. They had lines stretching around the block and brought more fans into CBGB's during this time than any other band in its history. The group quickly outgrew CBGB's, largely because there were no intermediate rock venues to play in New York City at that time.

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