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Please check out some of my recordings.

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Hello all my name is Wes and I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now and I have some songs I would like you to listen to/comment on. So without further delay here's the link The songs I would like you to listen are Disordered, High Times, & Uscita. Feel free to listen to any of the other songs I just thought I'd let you guys listen to my better work (in my opinion).
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Cool soundin' stuff. They've got a unique feel. Keep em Rockin'!
cannot believe you have only been playing for 2 years , you are a fast learner , these tunes kick ass , great playing and feel , cannot really fault the tunes , maybe on Disordered turn up the Axe a little ! other than that these are really superb , i think you have a bright future dude:thumb:
That's some pretty cool stuff. I love it that you covered the bubbleman theme as well! Do we have a fellow video game music lover here? :icon_thum
Gotta love the music from megaman 2 and 3!
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