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Firstly, it needs to be in an mp3 format. It can be in .wav format, but it will take up more space.

Secondly, it needs to be somewhere on your computer. Please ensure it has a name without any spaces or special characters. So bob.mp3 is fine, £$''';.mp3 will most likely cause problems !

Then, you go and make a post in the Backing Tracks forum. Give it a meaningful title so people can find it and search on it.

You will see in the Additional Options section underneath the part where you type in your text for your post a section entitled : Total Attachments. Click on the Manage Attachements button.

Up will pop a window. Click one of the Browse Buttons and locate the file that you want to send to the site. Then click on the upload button.

Wait for the status bar to complete in the bottom of the window. It will then say that the file is uploaded.

Click on the close this window button.

You will return to your original post and see the file you have attached in the Total Attachments section.

Add your text to describe how great your backing track is, and click on the Submit Post button as usual.


Remember if you are not a member, then you only have a limited amount of space to upload backing tracks. If you become a member, then you can go and post in the unlimted backing tracks section, where it will stay for ever and ever for many generations to enjoy !!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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