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So I typed this out once already but it lost the post, grr, so this is a compressed version!

Basically I was hopefully if anyone could recommend me a new guitar. I currently own an epiphone les paul copy and a fender jaguar. I prefer the epiphone b/c it's sound has a bit of mid range body to it, but can still go clean. I like the breaking up clean sound - not a twang and not a metal/hard rock growl - that 60's sound I guess you could say. Also it's neck is thinner. However it isn't the best build quality so I'm looking to upgrade to a better guitar.

My needs are:

1 - Left handed - yup I'm awkward. I can do a flip if needed, was considering a Cyclone for that use, but prefer leftie model.
2 - Trem bar - either w/guitar or bought separately and added.
3 - Thin neck - I have small hands and fingers so need a thin neck to be able to get pressure on it for chords.
4 - Narrow neck - Small neck needed so I can play w/o cramping, one of the reasons my jag isn't working for me.


- I'm not a fan of the fender twang or the les paul growl - I like something in the middle - a 60's distortion not a modern distortion. By that I mean the guitar is fundamentally pretty clean but is just breaking up.
- I know some of this is down to amp/pedals/recording method etc, but I'm talking about getting as close as poss.


- I want to sound like the Modern Lovers, the Velvet Underground & the Gun Club. Examples below:

If anyone could offer suggestions that might help me, I'd be much appreciated. Whenever I go on youtube to listen to people play they either play hard rock or jazz locks - aka crunchy or twangy stuff neither of which really have that sound I'm looking for and as a left handed most guitar shops have such a poor selection it's difficult to try them out and see what's good - and I've tried playing the right handed ones but end up playing awful chords badly as it's all upside down!

andy x

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If you don't really need a trem you could get an Epi SG. They got nice thin necks for small hands and a variety of sounds, be it Eric Clapton in Cream or Black Sabbath. And the nice thing is they dont look totally daft upside down, being almost symmetrical vertically. Put it through a vox amp or a Fender for cleaner sounds, but I'm sure you knew that. AS for a trem, I don't know where to help you there, if you really need is you'll have to make some concessions with the guitar, because i'm not sure such a guitar exists. You might have to visit a bunch of places to find one to fit your needs, although I had a friend who had a triple humbucker non-name brand guitar w/ a bigsby, so it's not impossible.
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