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Hey every one out there not sure if anyone posted this before??. if so sorry for posting.

but im looking on getting the new Pod Xt live. im planing on buying it when ever guitar center gets there new Shipment in.

but what i wanna know is if anyone hooked up a pod to there power amp
cause i have a mesa boogie simual class 2:90 wanted to hook up my pod xt live straight threw it and see how it sounds.

well i was just wondering if you get a Tube sound by doing this?. or is there any way of harming my power amp by doing this?.

never used a pod at all or any kind of effects a pedal type of guy so this is all brand new to me. im just buying the xt live for effects and usb recording pretty much but wanted to know about the distortion also.?.

i appreciate it very much for who ever Reply's back
Sorry to Bug.

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