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POD GOD said:
Yep, that's been around for a while. It only works with POD 1.x and 2.x tones though, not xt.

my first post here. I'm not very knowledgable about this stuff, but can you write a step by step instructions on how to convert the POD 2.0 tones to V-Amp 2? The instruction on the official site just aren't good enough and doesn't tell how to convert the .l6t tones to V-amp2. According to your post, it can convert POD 2.0 tones to V-amp 2, and on the custom tone website the extention of some of the POD 2.0 if not all of the tones are is .l6t extention. Could you please tell me how to do that conversion? I would deeply appreciate it.

Also, if you have done this in the past, can you tell me if the transition of the tone is even good or not? Again, thank you for your help!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts