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Hi there,

I have had the updates that stingx alerted us to in this thread for a while now. In this thread, stingx also describes how the PODxt patches have been updated so that they now sound better through an amplifier.

stingx said:
I expect to read some of your thoughts on this update. Most fixes are for running it through an amp. I think it sounds much better through the music man amp now!
stingx said:
I noticed a huge difference when using the XT with amps now. It sounds 100% better through the FX loop. I will post some mic'd recordings to illustrate the live sound. I think they did a great job and this is why I stick with Line 6.
Well, I had never tried my PODxt through my amplifier. The reason I got the PODxt was (after being ground down by CanyonCarver, wahwah, etc.) to get past my crappy tone problems because I was unable to crank my Marshall up at all.

I had read all the stuff about a PODxt sounding crap through an amplifier because the amplifier colours the patches too much, so I never bothered having a go. Also, I've never read the manual so didn't have a clue how to connect it up anyway. :notme: Plus, it sounded so good through the headphones and was great for recording, and it didn't disturb the wife this way, so I just never had the urge to try it through the amplifier.

Well, I have been sorting out my office recently, and, although not finished, there is a bit of space in the office now. So I thought I would give the amplifier with PODxt a go. So I dusted down the manual, and discovered that connecting up to the amplifier was actually a piece of piss :doh:

Connected up, and wow. I still can't crank it up due to respect for my marriage as well as my neighbours, but all I can say is, WOW !!!

The tones are so much more colourful, even at these low volumes. The PODxt makes my amp sound great, and it's nice to be shifting air once again. I'll definitely be doing this a few times, cuz it just sounds so great. If any of you haven't tried it out yet, then get the new update for your bean, and plug it into your amp. Mine is only a crappy amp, and it sounds ace, so imagine what it would sound like through a decent amp ?

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