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Captain DB... Savvy ?
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As The Bloodline Has Faded So Have The Lies
The Last Breath Of Our Hero Brings Tears To The Child
But The Falling Of Angels Will not Rectify
The Damage Been Done By The Evil Inside
We Constantly Question Everything We Are Told
But Deep Down Inside We Know The Truth Won't Unfold
But The Hunger Inside To Dig Truth Out From The Lies
Brings Back Memories Of All The Evil Inside .

Love Of The Evil Inside
Pain Of The Hunger To Lie
Hate For The Angels Who Fall
And Joy
Joy For The Truths We Do Know

Inspired To Question Every Single Sour Word
Spewed From The Mouths Of Governments Of The World
Knowing The Truth But Being Bound To Not Say
All The Things That You See
That Cause Our Whole World To Break
The Final Example Of This Greed Tied To Man
Is The Downing Of Those Who Try To Do What They Can
Those Who Try To Right , All The Many Sad Wrongs
But Get Shot Down Instead Stood No Chance All Along

Is There Hope For The Few
The Growing Number Who See
Those Who See Straight Through You
Those With Who's Words I Agree
Is There Time For A Change
Time For Change For The Better
Or Is The Final Word Yours
Be This The End Of Our World Forever ?

excess to requirements
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very dark and thought provoking dan. it is very good indeed.

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Nice..... Very nice his insanity rivals my own.

Another Broke Guitarist
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great stuff, one to make ya think... :thumb:
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