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Woodstock 1969, White Lake, Town Of Betha, Sullivan County, N.Y.
From Havens to Hendrix
20 CD-Set
A Desolation Row Production, Fan Project Not For Sale

Woodstock From Havens to Hendrix is a more than 230 song puzzle compiled from over 100 audio and video sources.
Over 85% of the songs played at Woodstock are here.

For further informations go here: Host and Share your Files

MP3 320

+++ CD 1 +++

0101 Pre Show Announcements (John Morris, Chip Monck and others) Host and Share your Files

Richie Havens

0102 John Morris - Richie Havens Intro
0103 High Flyin' Bird
0104 Unknown Song
0105 I Can't Make It Anymore Host and Share your Files
0106 With A Little Help From My Friends
0107 Strawberry Fields Forever -- Hey Jude
0108 Handsome Johnny Host and Share your Files
0109 Freedom
0110 Stage Announcements (Doctor Request, There Goes Marilyn!)
0111 Stage Announcements (John Morris Free festival Speech)
0112 Swami Satchidananda Speech Host and Share your Files


0113 Motherless Child
0114 For Petes Sake
0115 Day Song
0116 What's Wrong Host and Share your Files
0117 Crystal Spider
0118 Band Intros
0119 Why Oh Why Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 2 +++

Bert Sommer

0201 Jennifer
0202 America Host and Share your Files

Tim Harding

0203 If I Was A Carpenter Host and Share your Files

Ravi Shankar

0204 Raga Puriya-Dhanashri -- Gat In Sawarital
0205 Tabla Solo in Jhaptal Host and Share your Files
0206 Raga Manj Kmahaj -- Alap Jor -- Dhun In Kaharwa Host and Share your Files


0207 Beautiful People -- John Morris Outro
0208 Birthday Of The Sun Host and Share your Files

Arlo Guthrie

0209 John Morris-Intro -- Coming Into Los Angeles -- Lotta Freaks Rap
0210 Walking Down The Line
0211 Amazing Grace Host and Share your Files

Artwork for CD 1 & 2 Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 3 +++

Joan Baez

0301 John Morris-Intro -- Joan Baez-Intro -- Joe Hill
0302 Sweet Sir Galahad
0303 Drug Store Truck Driving Man
0304 Swing Low Sweet Chariot
0305 We Shall Overcome
0306 John Morris End Of Friday Announcement Host and Share your Files
0307 Hugh Romney Rap - The First Free City In The World
0308 Let's Make It Work (Tom Law Yoga Exercises)
0309 They Are With Us (John Morris US Army Rap)
0310 George Broke His Arm
0311 John Morris Thanks Abbie Host and Share your Files


0312 John Morris Intro -- Waiting For You Host and Share your Files

Country Joe MacDonald

0313 Chip Monk - Country Joe MacDonald Intro
0314 Janis
0315 Rockin' All Over The World
0316 Flyin' High All Over The World
0317 Seen A Rocket
0318 Fish Cheer -- I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 4 +++

0401 Stage Announcements Buried Under Dialogue
0402 Chip Monck Announcement - Your Wife Is Having A Baby Host and Share your Files

John B. sebastian

0403 CM - JBS Intro -- How Have You Been
0404 Rainbows All Over Your Blues
0405 I Had Dream
0406 Darlin' Be Hoom Soon -- CM - JBS Intro
0407 Younger Generation
0408 Stage Announcement: Cousin Al Is Sick Host and Share your Files

Keef Hartley Band

0409 Spanish Fly Host and Share your Files

Artwork CD 3 & 4 Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 5 +++


0501 Waiting
0502 You Just Don't Care
0503 Savor
0504 Jingo
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0505 Persuasion
0506 Soul Sacrifice
0507 Fried Neckbones
0508 Faint Stage Announcements Under ISB Tuning
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Incredible String Band

0509 Invocation
0510 The Letter
0511 The Moment
0512 When You Find Out Who Are -- CM Outro
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+++ CD 6 +++

Canned Heat

0601 CM Intro -- A Change Is Gonna Come - Leaving This Town
0602 The Bear talks
0603 Going Up Country
0604 I'm Her Man
0605 I Know My Baby
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0606 Woodstock Boogie (Fried Hocky Boogie)
0607 On The Road Again
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Artwork CD 5 & 6
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+++ CD 7 +++


0701 CM Intro -- Stormy Monday
0702 Theme From An Imaginary Western
0703 Long Red
0704 For Yasgur's Farm
0705 Beside the sea
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0706 Waiting To Take You Away
0707 Dreams Of Milk And Honey
0708 Guitar Solo
0709 Southbound Train
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+++ CD 8 +++

0801 STAGE PROBLEMS Announcements

Grateful Dead

0802 Ken Babbs -- CM INTRO -- ST STEPHEN
0804 EQuipment Failure And Stage Raps
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RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

Artwork CD 7 & 8
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+++ CD 9 +++

Grateful Dead

0901 Turn On Your Lovelight Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 10 +++

Creedence Clearwater Revival

1001 Chip Monck Intro -- Born On The Bayou
1002 Green River
1003 Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
1004 Commotion
1005 Bootleg Host and Share your Files
1006 Bad Moon Rising
1007 Proud Mary
1008 I Put A Spell On You
1009 Night Time Is The Right Time Host and Share your Files
1010 Keep On Chooglin
1011 Suzy Q Host and Share your Files

Artwork CD 9 & 10 Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 11 +++

Janis Joplin

1101 Chip Monck Intro --Raise Your Hand
1102 As Good As You've Been To This World
1103 To Love Somebody
1104 Summertime
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1105 Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
1106 Kozmic Blues
1107 Can't Turn You Loose
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1108 Work me Lord -- Chip Monck Intro
1109 Piece of my heart
1110 Ball and Chain
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+++ CD 12 +++

Sly And The Family Stone

1201 Chip Monck Intro -- M'Lady
1202 Sing a Simple Song
1203 You Can Make It If You Try
1204 Everyday People
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1205 Dance to the music
1206 Music Lover
1207 I Want To Take You Higher
1208 Stand
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Artwork CD 11 & 12
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+++ CD 13 +++

The Who

1301 Chip Monck Intro -- Heaven And Hell
1302 I Can't Explain
1303 It's a Boy
1304 1921
1305 Amazing Journey
1306 Sparks
1307 The Hawker
1308 Christmas Host and Share your Files
1309 Acid Queen
1310 Pinball Wizard
1311 Abbie Hoffman Incident
1312 Do You Think It's Allright
1313 Fiddle About
1314 There's a Doctor
1315 Go to the Mirror
1316 Smash the Mirror
1317 I'm Free
1318 Tommy's Holiday Camp Host and Share your Files
1319 We're Not Gonna Take It
1320 See Me Feel Me
1321 Summertime Blues
1322 Shakin All Over -- Chip Monk Intro -- Pete Townshend Intro
1323 My Generation -- Naked Eye -- Chip Monck Outro Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 14 +++

1401 Doctors Request -- Chip Monck Intro -- Grace Slick Intro

Jefferson Airplane

1402 The Other Side Of This Life (Segments only)
1403 Somebody To Love
1404 White Rabbit
1405 Won't You Try -- Saturday Afternoon
1406 Plastic Fantastic Lover
1407 Volunteers Host and Share your Files
1408 Eskimo Blue Day
1409 Uncle Sam Blues
1410 Breakfast time
1411 Muskrat Reads The Times
1412 Taking A Break
1413 Max Yasgur Host and Share your Files

Joe Cocker

1414 John Morris Intro
1415 Somethings Coming On
1416 Dear Landlord
1417 I Shall Be Released
1418 Let's Go Get Stoned
1419 With A Little Help From My Friends Host and Share your Files

Artwork CD 13 & 14 Host and Share your Files

+++ CD 15 +++

1501 No Rain!
1502 Stage Announcements -- Crowd Rain Chant
1503 Let The Sunshine In
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Country Joe & The Fish

1504 Chip Monck Intro -- Rock And Soul Music
1505 Thing Called Love
1506 Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
1507 Chip Monk Intro -- Love Machine
1508 Fish Cheer -- I Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag
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Ten Years After

1509 I'm Going Home
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+++ CD 16 +++

The Band

1601 Chip Monck Intro -- Chest Fever
1602 Baby Don't Do It
1603 Tears Of Rage
1604 We Can Talk
1605 Long Black Veil
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1606 Don't You Tell Henry
1607 Ain't No More Cane
1608 This Wheels On Fire
1609 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
1610 The Weight
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Johnny Winter

1611 Mama Talk To Your Daughter
1612 Rock Me Baby
1613 Mean Town Blues
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Blood Sweat And Tears

1614 Chip Monck Intro -- More And More
1615 Somethings Coming On
1616 More Than You'll Ever Know
1617 Spinning Wheel
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Artwork CD 15 & 16
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+++ CD 17 +++

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

1701 Suite Judy Blue Eyes
1702 Blackbird
1703 Helplessly Hoping
1704 Guinnevere
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1705 Marrakesh Express
1706 4+20
1707 Mr Soul
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1708 Long Time Gone
1709 Sea Of Madness
1710 Wooden Ships
1711 Find The Cost Of Freedom
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+++ CD 18 +++

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

1801 All In A Day
1802 All My Love Comin' Through To You
1803 Drifting Blues
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1804 Love March
1805 Everything's Gonna Be Alright
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1806 Teen Angel
1807 Wipe Out
1808 Who Wrote The Book Of Love
1809 Duke Of Earl
1810 At The Hop -- Na Na Theme
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Artwork CD 17 & 18
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+++ CD 19 +++

Jimi Hendrix

1901 Chip Monck Intro -- Jimi Intro
1902 Message To The Universe
1903 Getting My Heart Back Together Again
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1904 Spanish Castle Magic
1905 Red House
1906 Master Mind
1907 Here Comes Your Lover Man
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1908 Foxy Lady
1909 Jam Back At The Roadhouse
1910 Izabella
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+++ CD 20 +++

Jimi Hendrix

2001 Jimi Chat
2002 Gypsy Woman
2003 Fire
2004 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
2005 Stepping Stone
2006 Star Spangled Banner
2007 Purple Haze
RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
2008 Woodstock Improvisation
2009 Villanova Junction
2010 Hey Joe
2011 Final Stage Announcements By Chip Chip Monck
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Artwork CD 19 & 20
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many greetings

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Way to go! Lotsa work went into compiling and/or uploading this.

A nice thing about the Hendrix set as found in this bootleg release, is that there are 3 songs that have never been released officially, even on the recent Deluxe DVD of Hendrix at Woodstock. These are:

Gypsy Woman
Stepping Stone

Thanks for the big post! It will keep me busy for a few days lol!

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Besides paying, is there any way to not have to wait so long between downloads? It's such a pain.

Thanks for the great stuff though!

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it is a shame there is so much footage that we can get easily, but remains unreleased, as well as the film no one has seen, some rich fuck probably owns and doesnt care about. who knows. who has the rights to all the film? i guess no one?

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Yeah, would love to get a giga repost... even though I know it's a lot of work.

This must have been posted just before I got here a few months back. I'd love to hear the Gigalinks as this was the weekend I was born. May sound cool, but my mom has never forgiven me since it was their plan to attend the festival and I was a month late. (it was the sixties. I would have been with them don'tcha know. Woulda made for a cooler story having been there, but I have a tendency to be late since before birth, I guess.)

Thanks anyway for the remaining rapid links.

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Unfortunately, many of these links are dead. I have the majority of these, I will upload them as soon as I get enough posts to do so.:)

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Hi randall ,always wanted the full jefferson airplane show at woodstock,but it,s down.Can
you please get it back up,great work on woodstock mate
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