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Powerglove- March 18, 2010"
Station 4, St. Paul, MN, USA
March 18, 2010

Audience Recording: Audio Technica CMC-2 Cardioid mics -> Sound Professionals SPSB-11 mini-battery module with switchable bass rolloff (set at 16 Hz - No Rolloff) ->Zoom H4 (.wav file 44.1 kHz 16-bit) -> WavePad Master's Edition (track splitting & amplification) .wav PCM format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit) -> FLAC Frontend (level 8)

Recorded by Hurricane62 from front-center of stage. From this spot the vocals were at times difficult to pick up, but this may have been a soundboard issue because the support bands had microphone problems earlier in the night. Crowd was enthusiastic so you'll hear some back-and-forth between some nearby fans- otherwise a clean recording. Not quite EX quality because of the weak (at times) vocals, but at least a VG rating in my opinion (Audience).

01. Tetris 4:29
02. X-Men 5:07
03. Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man 4:01
04. Storm 3:06
05. Power, Wisdom, Courage 6:26
06. The Transformers 5:16
07. Mario Minor 4:15
08. Power Rangers 4:13

TOTAL TIME = 36:53

As always, DO NOT SELL!

Please support PowerGlove by attending their shows and purchasing their music and attending their shows in your part of the world.


Download Here:

Download Here:
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