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Hey guys i know pretty much nothing when it comes to Recording.. i wanted to start makeing Good Recordings. so i herd the Firepod and the Edirol FA-101 Are Pretty Decent. i already own a SM-57 mic... and i wanted to mic my Amps... i wanted to know which one is better?.. the edirol or the firepod... and also the thing about the Firepod is i do not need 10 mic inputs. i really only need 2?... so i was also wondering about the Presonus Firebox. i herd presonus makes Great mic pre's... so basically im just gonna get a backing track.. add the track.. and Record me playing. and pretty much i play metal/rock/alternative. so which one is better firebox firepod or edirol fa101... ill appreciate who ever replys back.

oh yeah and i own a imac 20inch g5 1.8 with a Gig of ram.

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