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Hello mates,i just been to the site to download some samples and you know they let you download 2 programs which need to extract the samples,they are Sf2 and sFark,so i don't secced to install Sf2,it doesn't work at all,so if you have the bass and the Piano samples from that site pls give it to me somehow otherwise i can't go on making backing tracks, See you all and i hope i'll get an answer...:doh:

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I'm not really sure what you mean. sFark files are just compressed soundfonts (you use sFark to uncompress them to SF2). SF2 files are the format you want to use. Here's a guide from the site...

Filename endings and what to do...

.arj - Download WinZip and uncompress the file.

.exe - Just run the .exe file to uncompress the file.

.sfArk, .sfa - Download sfArk and uncompress the file. If your browser saves the file with the .sfa ending, you'll have to change it to .sfArk. If you're a Netscape user having problems with sfArk files, this might help. If it doesn't, you'll have to use Internet Explorer instead, or try downloading from one of the Norwegian servers. Sorry about the inconvenience, I'm working on it.

.sfPack - Download SFPack and uncompress the file.

.rar - Download WinRar and uncompress the file.

.zip - Download WinZip and uncompress the file.
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