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Hey guys!

I want to share something really special with you. Tomorrow is my 1st year anniversary as a keyboard player (or frustrated guitarist, you name it lol)

I decided to play something original on this important date. This is a little "improvisation" over an awesome bluesjamtracks BT:

I originally created this solo on February/2009 as part of an online jam with some buddies (all guitar players). On that occasion I recorded just the audio, so I had to relearn the solo now to make this video. And hey, 7 months later I guess it sounds way more spot on than my first try! Thank God things are getting easier :wutblau: :dance:

WARNING: the phrase on 0:57 is heavilly influenced by Guthrie Govan. I HAD TO learn it for my bag of tricks :smirk:

Hope you enjoy it!! All the best! :beerbang:
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