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wahwah said:
Ok, first off, there was NO animosity from myself re the last just had a few timing issues regarding the lining up of files and, after putting some work into the solo, I wanted it to sound right. If people think I'm up my own ass about it, so be it; I make no apologies for wanting it to be as good as possible and now the guitars are all lined up, it's as it was meant to be.

I also don't wish to discourage people like Peter from getting involved in co-ordinating these jams far as I'm concerned, the more people get involved the better. I'd just ask people to read the stickied posts regarding lining up, file format and quality etc at the top of the Jam Room Forum.

Thanks to all the guys for their patience with me. :thumb:
Catty Cow !!!!!:lol: :lol:
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