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I was looking at the Stewart Mac website for a dual Tone and Volume control for my Jackson RR3 V Professional. The Guitar was a gift back in 1996 and at that time it didn't bother me that all it came with was one control knob for the volume. I've been playing it for years, and I finally decided that it needed some mods, but I do not want to change the look of the Guitar.

I pulled out the Duncan designed mystery humbucker at the bridge, and replaced it with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. It makes such a difference in quality, that I ordered another Seymour Duncan pick up for the neck to replace the other Duncan Designed mystery humbucker. While I'm doing this project, I really wanted to put in a tone control knob so I can have some more choice , and bring it up to date.

After doing some research I found out that this RRV was made when Jackson was making its pro and professional line of Jackson import guitars from Japan, and also found out that some of these models are $$$ more then they were when they were new. So I don't want to change the look of this guitar at all. Is it possible to have tone control, and volume control on one knob, or is it just a myth?


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