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The Hague, Holland
December 8, 1974

For many years it was rumoured that an audience tape from Queen's first show in Holland was out there, and its existence was confirmed in November 2011 when an mp3 sample was posted a Dutch website on the 20th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death. A few months later, it was promised that a silver disc of the recording from The Hague would be given to everyone who attended the 2012 Dutch Queen fan convention. Only one side of a 90 minute cassette reportedly exists.

This monumental release had a couple slight flaws, which are fixed here. The tape played a bit too fast, and there were slight gaps between the tracks. Thankfully the creators of the disc left Procession and Now I'm Here as a single track, as well as the medley, which made the job much easier than it could've been.

It's possible that the recording was transferred to mini-disc at some point, as a spectral analysis reveals slight inconsistencies after 16 kHz.

Thanks to everyone involved in unearthing this historic recording. Although a bit distorted, the recording is well-balanced.

AUD > ? > cassette > Dutch convention silver > EAC > FLAC Level 8 (with Foobar2000) > WAV (GoldWave speed correction, gaps removed, retracked) > FLAC

length - 43:32

1) Procession
2) Now I'm Here
3) Ogre Battle
4) Father To Son
5) White Queen
6) Flick Of The Wrist
7) In The Lap Of The Gods
8) Killer Queen
9) The March Of The Black Queen
10) Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11) Son And Daughter [cut]

Enjoy, and keep it lossless !
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