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Queen - 1978-12-03 - Toronto, ON
(Audience FLAC)

Maple Leaf Gardens

About the recording:
AUD > ? > Cassette > WAV (GoldWave speed correction, edits) > FLAC level 8

Disc 1:
01. intro
02. We Will Rock You (fast)
03. Let Me Entertain You
04. Somebody To Love [cut]
05. If You Can't Beat Them
06. Death On Two Legs
07. Killer Queen
08. Bicycle Race
09. I'm In Love With My Car
10. Get Down, Make Love
11. You're My Best Friend
12. Now I'm Here
13. Spread Your Wings [cut]
14. Spread Your wings (continues)
15. Dreamers ball
16. Love of my life

Disc 2:
01. '39
02. It's Late
03. Brighton Rock
04. Fat Bottomed Girls
05. Keep Yourself Alive [cut]
06. Bohemian Rhapsody
07. Tie Your Mother Down
08. Sheer Heart Attack
09. We Will Rock You
10. We Are The Champions
11. God Save The Queen

This is an upgrade of the Toronto audience tape. It's still a generation or two away from the master, but the EQ is more balanced, and it is the most complete version of the tape available. The best previous versions had no less than 15 cuts between songs. All of those cuts are absent here, and there is more tape at the beginning of the show than before.

There are still cuts in Spread Your Wings and Keep Yourself Alive (for tape flips, both at their respective 45-minute marks), and the cut in Somebody To Love was probably a security duck. The tape wheel turning can be heard in the left channel for the few minutes surrounding the first tape flip.

The first portion of the show was taped on a 90 minute tape, but this copy was dubbed onto 60 minute tapes. Fortunately they left plenty of overlap, so I seamlessly patched up the cuts in Get Down Make Love and during Freddie's speech before It's Late. Interestingly enough, these are the same cuts that were on older versions of the recording, but they were not so generous with the overlap, resulting in missing music.

All credit to "A Word In Your Ear" for the original tape.



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