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Queen ‎– Wembley Arena 1980 1st Night
Label:Wardour ‎– Wardour-308
Format:2 × CD, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
Style:Arena Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock

Band: Queen
Title: Wembley Arena 1980 1st Night
Date: 8th December 1980
Venue: Wembley Arena, London, UK
Label: Wardour
Number: WARDOUR-308
Source: Silver > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Disc 1 (56:52)
1. Intro
2. Jailhouse Rock
3. We Will Rock You (fast)
4. Let Me Entertain You
5. Play The Game
6. Mustapha
7. Death On Two Legs
8. Killer Queen
9. I'm In Love With My Car
10. Get Down Make Love
11. Need Your Loving Tonight
12. Save Me
13. Now I'm Here
14. Dragon Attack
15. Now I'm Here (reprise)
16. Fat Bottomed Girls

Disc 2 (52:53)
1. Brian MC
2. Love Of My Life
3. Keep Yourself Alive
4. Drum/Guitar Solos
5. Battle Theme
6. Flash
7. The Hero
8. Brighton Rock (ending)
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
10. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. We Will Rock You
12. We Are The Champions
13. Another One Bites The Dust
14. Sheer Heart Attack
15. Tie Your Mother Down
16. God Save The Queen


The album “THE GAME” and the single “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” also ranked first in the US, and in 1980 QUEEN who was extremely prosperous. Traditional recording that recorded such a scene is an upgrade with New Master.
That traditional recording is “December 8, 1980 London performances”. It is a superb audience recording that inhaled the whole of the venue “Wembley Arena”. There is a staff member of this prestigious “Kinnie” at this show, and its extraordinary recording has been loved as a masterpiece of 1980 since ancient times. Although this work is also the same Kinnie recording, it is a new master with a good sound better than the previous one. Before the critical upgrade for the first time, the position of the show. Let’s check from the whole view of “THE GAME TOUR 1980-1981”.

● 1980
“June 30 Release of THE GAME”
· June 30 – July 14: North America # 1 (14 performances)
· August 5 – September 30: North America # 2 (35 shows)
“December 8” FLASH GORDON “released”
· November 23 – December 18: Europe (17 performances) ← ★ Here ★
● 1981
· February 12th – 19th: Japan (6 shows)
· February 28 – March 21: Latin America # 1 (7 performances)
· September 25 – October 18: Latin America # 2 (6 shows)
“October 26” GREATEST HITS “release”
· November 24th and 25th: North America # 3 (2 shows) ← ※ Official

This is the big picture of the world tour that was enjoying the biggest prime. This tour is also an official work “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”, but this work is a year ago. “Europe” tour 10 tours eyes. “Wembley Arena” was a concert three days in a row, this was the first day of the concert.
Such a work, the quality that updates the highest peak of history is exquisite. Although it was a beautiful recording called kinney recording as expected, it is more brilliant and neatly corrected in this work. Especially wonderful is treble. It stretches straight and beautifully, and it is super delicate enough that the waveform of the vibe floats in the eyes, not to the touch of the piano. The fresh and natural sounding is the difference between the earlier departure and the cloudy mind, and after this work, the traditional preexisting group also gets muzzled and heard. And the more vivid it is, the more I realize the work of Kinnie. Although not a sense of distance feeling zero, the sense of air is transparent to crystal clear, the performance sound that goes through space and Freddy’s singing voice is like a laser beam Vivid. A slight sense of air is not a spectacle but a type that gives a sharp core a gloss and details are not hidden at all. Is the original Kinney recording so great? It is an upgrade sound that will be noticed by the prestige of the prestige who has driven the Japanese boot culture.
The show drawn by that quality is also amazing. As mentioned above, this tour is known as “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL”, but the set has also changed with the difference of one year, plenty of famous songs that could not be heard in the official work. “Mustapha” and “Death On Two Legs” in the early stage, “Fat Bottomed Girls” in the middle stage are also delicious, but more than that is “Need Your Loving Tonight”. While being cut down to a single cut, disappearing until “Latin America # 2”, repertoire that was not played even after the “QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL” tour. You can experience it with the best sound of Kinnie Magic.
In addition to such a set, Freddie is also happy to be doing fine. It is slightly different from the explosion tension that strikes the sky, but the throat’s condition is good anyway. The tone of voice is wonderful, it stretches well and it is really powerful. Especially the treble is comfortable. I usually sing a song of “Let Me Entertain You” which is somewhat skewed, the high going through in “Play The Game” is sharp, “Mustapha” does not get caught and the “Death On Two Legs” does not stagnate. The episode of Kinnie recording was a masterpiece that beat down numerous fans to Mania way, but its motive power was not only goodness of sound but also the splendor of the show. It is packed plenty of names to be remembered again.

QUEEN in 1980 which tried to triumphantly reveal his nation’s No. 1 hit as a souvenir. It is a live album that the prestigious Japanese recorded the scene by the arms. A masterpiece whose masterpiece’s honorable superb recording is upgraded with a new master. Please enjoy yourself thoroughly with press 2CD that will not fade forever.

★ Kinnie tape. It is wonderful sound quality.

★ John Lennon murder occurs in New York a few hours after this live.

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