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Question about modeling amps vs other SS amps

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I've been a beginner on guitar for quite some time. I bought a Roland Cube 60 a few years back to replace an older Peavey and am finally starting to fiddle with some of the settings/models. I have a Gibson LP and American Fender Strat. The amp seems to be quite versatile, but do you think that there would be any benefit to buying something more *standard* like a Peavey Bandit 112 or a Peavey Envoy 110? The cube seems to sound like a Marshall on the Stack setting and a Fender on the Tweed setting. Would I be wasting my money buying another amp or do you think one of the Peaveys would be a good addition? I like to play classic rock mixed with some pop and alternative.

Thanks in advance,
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If you're not happy with the sound, in as much as it being YOUR sound, then you would want to considder other options. If you like the sound you have now, then take your time and play a lot of stuff that's out there and see where you really want to spend your money.

If you thinking about other amps, then you're probably ready to look at the stuff thats out there.
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