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Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Matrix
San Francisco, CA

First set

101 intro talk before first song
102 Susie Q
103 I Hear You Knocking
104 talk : intro to Little Dandelion
105 Little Dandelion
106 talk : intro to Gold And Silver
107 Gold And Silver
108 You Don't Love Me
109 Codine
110 intro
111 I'm Backwords
112 Smokestack Lightning
113 set outro

Second set

201 talk before first song of set
202 Dino's Song
203 Walking Blues
204 Too Long
205 Duncan And Brady
206 talk
207 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
208 If You Live
209 Hoochie Coochie Man
210 All Night Worker
211 Pride Of Man
212 Mona
213 Got My Mojo Working
214 Who Do You Love?

This recording sounds to me like one channel soundboard and one channel audience, as do other circulating tapes from this club. It's definitely got an ambient sound with quite a bit of tape hiss but sounds fairly decent - especially after the speed correction.

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Thank you for this, ghostface.

I just now found this while looking for something else.

From what I can gather the band here is... (buy their buyable stuff).

Jim Murray-Vocal,Guitar, Harmonica
Gary Duncan-Vocal,Guitar
John Cipollina-Guitar
David Freiberg-Bass,Vocal
Greg Elmore-Drums

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