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"File Under Kudzu"
Fridays, Greensboro, NC
January 22, 1982

Source: SBD Silver > Wav > Flac

01. Gardening At Night
02. 9-9
03. Windout
04. "a new song"
05. There She Goes Again
06. Sitting Still
07. That Beat
08. Pretty Persuasion
09. Mystery To Me
10. Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)
11. Ages Of You (fades in)
12. Catapult
13. Shaking Through
14. Laughing
15. Romance
16. Ghost Riders In the Sky
17. Permanent Vacation
18. 1,000,000
19. Wolves, Lower
20. Radio Free Europe (cut)

Notes from the Timeline ( The unknown song sounds to me like a cross between Talk About The Passion and Romance, with a bit of Pilgrimage thrown in. I've seen some lists claiming it's either an early version of Talk About The Passion or Pilgrimage, but personally I think it sounds nothing like them and is a song in its own right. This show can be found on the CD bootleg 'File Under Kudzu'. This show is listed on that boot as being at the 40 Watt Club in Athens in January 1983, however this is the correct date and location.

R.E.M. - 1982-01-22 Greensboro - FileFactory

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