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Radiohead - 2003-11-26 - London, UK
(FM broadcast FLAC)

The first and lesser known of the classic Earls Court shows of 2003 (I will be uploading Night 2 also shortly). Incredible show, with arguably better audio quality than Night 2.

Audio untouched from circulated version, tags just tidied up and checksum files added.

Also includes new artwork by myself (artwork for other Radiohead shows also available at

*Track 2 removed due to official release on 'Comlag'.

*Apparently a pre-FM radio promo of this show exists - please share if you have any info!

*Note that according to Dime wiki: "XFM Radio is not a prohibited source at this writing. It is not related to XM Radio nor to SiriusXM."

XFM Broadcast - Satellite Decoder - Audio CD Recorder - WAV Files - CD-R

Earl's Court, London, EN
November 26, 2003

01 The Gloaming
02 2+2=5 [REMOVED]
03 My Iron Lung
04 Where I End And You Begin
05 Kid A
06 I Will
07 Myxomatosis
08 I Might Be Wrong
09 Sail To The Moon
10 Lucky
11 Paranoid Android
12 Go To Sleep
13 Sit Down. Stand Up.
14 Just
15 Idioteque

01 Fake Plastic Trees
02 There There

(Encore Break)
03 You And Whose Army?
04 The National Anthem
05 A Wolf At The Door
06 Street Spirit [Fade Out]

(Encore Break)
07 We Suck Young Blood
08 Karma Police
09 Everything in its Right Place


1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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