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*Posted by orion1987 on *

Artist: Rainbow
Style: Rock / Hard Rock
Date: Tuesday , 12th February 1980
City: Paris
Country: France
Venue: Palais des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles (or Porte De Pantin Pavillon)

Cassette tape was owned and transfered to digital raw WAV files with the generosity of Max (ranarossa) in 2019.
I only did the cutting in Audacity, nothing more.

Lineage: Low generation cassette tape > TAPE RECORDER AIWA 4 HEADS > AVS AUDIO EDITOR software 7.1 > WAV > FLAC > Audacity (track split)

Very weak sounding recording , only for completists! Second part of Lost In Hollywood medley is missing (Beethoven's 9th, Drum Solo and LIH reprise) due to tape change. Graham confirms Paris after first track and also before WYSLT.

Set List

01 Over The Rainbow
02 Eyes OF The World
03 Love's No Friend
04 Instrumental - Greensleeves
05 All Night Long
06 Catch The Rainbow
07 Don Airey Solo
08 Lost In Hollywood
09 Ritchie Blackmore Solo (cut)
10 Crowd Encore
11 Blackmore Solo - Lazy
12 Man On The Silver Mountain
13 Blues
14 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
15 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
16 Kill The King (Guitar Crash)
17 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (reprise)
18 Somewhere Over The Rainbow (outro)


First posted on Perfect-Purple Forum

Orion1987 (January 2022)



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