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“Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what yer gunna git”

Yet another and possibly the last (for now), an inspired continuation because of the accountant with Mauro R.’s recordings I give you this random batch of Random Artists performing Random Shows.

Similar to the last batch I put up, these too were all received via HD in a folder marked “FM”

I use a caveat “VERY limited and varied listening on my part” these are not all FM sourced. But what I have heard, they certainly are not “completist” quality. Maybe FM, just higher Gen? They were received as un-tracked wav files which I’ve converted to flac. They have no set-lists, the only info is on the name of the folders with dates exactly as listed below. I have changed the dates from EU to the standard for our trading(only) purposes to avoid confusion.

I apologize beforehand if any of these artists/dates were offered up by the accountant prior. I do see and want to acknowledge his painstaking work in archiving and presenting Mauro’s recordings in a much more organized and cataloged format by individual artist. My searching skills have not always been successful in addition to sending me off into that dark hole of the abyss of discovery that requires looking at everything of interest diverting the task at hand....... Any tutorials that could be pointed my way would be more than helpful in future.

I have taken notice that in my own archives that some of these dates are common, but others seem to be rare as they are not listed in my collection. FWIW I have all of 3 shows stockpiled, the main reason I come here is to increase what I have ;)

Please feel free to re-work, remaster, and when listening if you take note, please post any set-lists for others to copy & use here! Please Do Not Sell, or re-post in MP3. Most of all, I hope you can enjoy them for what they are.

The only known lineage is:
Mauro R. > .wav > HD > HD > dBpoweramp > .flac8

Should these not be your cup of tea, I make a humble suggestion to search Dime for the “MRDR Master Series”. These are the re-worked Mauro R. Sourced Masters being posted by mjk5510.

And then I request if you might kindly consider posting them on this forum. That would be greatly appreciated!
I Thank you in advance...

Here are two examples I have come across (so far) through that great abyss: Thank you!!

Martin Barre: via the accountant;-june-29-2019-a-715211.html

Steve Hackett: via mediaaddict

“And now ladies & gentleman, on with the shoe”………. (cue paradiddle)

Elton John-1989-03-xx-Milano-Palatrussardi
Eric Andersen-Rick Danko-Jonas Field-1994-12-02-Sesto Calende-Sala Marna
Jethro Tull-1972-02-21-Essen-Grugahalle
Jethro Tull-1981-xx-xx-Live 1981 Videomusic
Jethro Tull-1991-10-14-Verona-Palasport
Jorma Kaukonen & Rick Danko-1987-09-23-Burlington Hunt's Tavern
KC-2000-06-22-Legnano-Parco Amicizia
N.Young,CSNY,N.Lofgren,D.Henley,T.Petty,Bruce-1986-10-13-Bridge Benefit
Pete Townshend-1985-11-02-Brixton Town Hall
Pete Townshend-1993-04-12-New York City-Academy Of Music + 1993-08-04- Beacon
Peter Gabriel-1987-06-12-Bologna-Palasport
Peter Gabriel-1993-xx-xx-For Your Eyes And Ears-Live in Europe
Pink Floyd-1972-02-20-In Celebration Of The Comet-Live London
Pink Floyd-1974-11-16-Empire Pool-London
Pink Floyd-1988-07-06-Torino-Stadio Comunale
Pink Floyd-1989-07-15-Venezia
Pink Floyd-1994-09-17-Modena
Premiata Forneria Marconi-1980-xx-xx-Sulmona
Procol Harum-1974-12-01-Butterfly Boys-Londra
Procol Harum-2006-10-27-Forlì-Naima Club
Rick Danko & Levon Helm-1982-12-20-Washington-Wax Museum
Rick Danko-1987-04-11-Kingston Uncle Willy's
Rick Danko-1989-06-05-Houston-Lonestar
Robbie Roberston & The Red Road Ensemble-1995-01-11-Agrigento
Robbie Roberston-1987-xx-xx-Outtakes
Robert Fripp & League Of Crafty Guitarists-2006-06-29-Castellazzo di Bollate-Villa Arconati
Roxy Music-1982-08-30-Milano-Velodromo Vigorelli
Sandy Denny-1967-xx-xx-The Original Sandy Danny
The Band-1983-07-18-Vancouver-Queen Elisabeth Hall
The Who-1973-12-04-Philadelphia
Yes-1998-03-14-Milano-Teatro Lirico

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Scottie, how many bootlegs do you have. you have put up hundreds so far, especially Rush, my heroes. Cant thank you enough fella

Should I reveal the actual number the result might be that I'd have to kill myself. :devilish:

;- )
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