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Motley CrueD's demo is getting mastered right now. Thought y'all would like to hear the raw tracks.

Studio: a room in a house... ProTools.

guitar: Jackson Kelly with Dimarzio Super Distortion

Amp: Carvin MTS 3200 with Mullard EL34 tubes

(guitar track was doubled)

Enjoy, yall

(didnt attach em cuz I don't have room. they're here on my site)

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Sounds pretty good mate! You have the music down and your singer has that high pitched whine that Vince Neal had. The only thing that sounded a bit off were the backing vocals...sounded like a few builders had turned up to sing em!!!! Bit to manly sounding? You need to try for the stadium 'shout' where you record all of the band singing them about 15 times, then blend 'em in real low in the mix with a shiload of reverb so you get that 'crowd' sound. Thats what we did on a couple of our album tracks about 300 years ago!

Good work mate...keep us posted. :thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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