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HI! First of all a big HELLO to all you Guitars101 folk.

Nice board!!!

This is my first post and I'll start by throwing a tough one at you guys (i think...).

I'm the owner of a BEAUTIFUL AC-30!!! :yumyum:

But (I searched the forum) as some of you I'm restricted by my neighbours, mother, father, cousins, dog, cat, and :irk: aliens on Mars (all they like to hear is OST Spielberg's Close encounters :grin:
So playing loud is not an option...

So I got into this digital stuff.

Got myself a PC, with silent SONATA case, a Focusrite Twintrak, a SE Electronics 2200A mic, Marian MARC X Soundcard, Yamaha MSP5 monitors,NI Guitar Rig... hum.... :yumyum:

Things is, all my recordings with this setup are SHIT!

Electric guitar recordings:

I've got an Ibanez Artcore AG 85 guitar which I plug into the Hi-Z of the TWINTRAK PRO. Then the Twintrak connects to the MARIAN 1/4 jack input by way of...herrr...a 1/4 jack :doh: . The input of the Soundcard enters Cubase SX and is directed to VST Guitar Rig.
I play and all is nice, and sounds ok. After recording, I playback and the sound is more muffled and it really doesn't sound that great. I tried mono and stereo tracks. Oh, and the main problem: a lot of hiss. I mean, the Focusrite pre is reviewed fairly good, the guitar also, the sequencer and Guitar Rig too!!! What in God's name am I doing wrong???? What's with this hiss??? Also the volume of my recordings is very low. But if I move the trim button on the preamp to higher settings it starts to distort the clean guitar (Voxy, baby!)sound, which is mainly what I'm after right now.

Any ideas, suggestions, html settings for suicide note :dunno: ?

Acoustic guitar and nylon also:

Got a Epiphone J-200, which is very nice. Trying to record it with SE Electronics 2200A. I'm also getting more hiss than I'd like to and the cardioid pattern almost seems omni (hey my room is about 20 meters from the kitchen and with closed doors the mic picks up people talking there...) Should I boost the input level on my soundcard ? Got it set to 0db but I can get about 15db more. But wouldn't that increase noise on the recording??

Hey, if anyone has got similar gear, or knows someone who does, be a life saver and give some feedback. I'm going mental here. Those who don't know anyone, and have diferent gear, post yout thoughts too!!! PLEASE!!!!

THANKS, guys!!!

All the best!

Valhalla is coming !!!!!
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i can only offer a few suggestions dude , firstly every VST guitar rigg ive tried tend to hiss bad . i know these things are good for a lotta people but ive never has much luck with them . It also makes sense to ensure any other input source or sound function other than your recording line is muted . If these are left open they will add noise to your recordings . i always record with MICS for my accoustic , but you gotta keep quiet , and close mic if poss . you have an impressive set up , im sure there wont be much to sort out :icon_thum

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Thanks for answering, man.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to ya, but I couldn't get time to write at work.

Well, I still don't know what to do with the hiss. When I lowered the fan on my sonata case it got really better with acoustic recordings. As for Guitar Rig, well...not so.

So, well I tried out a noise gate and with a good half an hour of experimentation I got a good compromise between noise and a non disappearing sustain/notes.

So I guess I'm running my rig on the happy side of thr street now... :D

A friend told me that Nomad Factory Blue tubes is one good noise gate. I'm gonna try to grab a hold of a demo. Meanwhile, anyone now anything about this Nomad Factory Blue Tubes stuff?

Would appreciate some input.

Also, my AC30TB (circa 1992, I think, 'cos I see a 1992 on the code bar located on the back panel - am I right to assume this?) is giving me the hum and hiss for a while now. Is this the tubes needing a change? Any advice, please? As to what tubes to change to, if it really is that, sites on the internet where I can do some research...etc. I tried the official Vox site but not easy to find info for the non VOX electronic/tube wise average guy...

Thank you very much, folks. And thank you bluesplayer for answering. You're a Top Boost man! :D

All the best, good music making!

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A pretty good VST package for electric guitar is the SimulAnalog Guitar Suite. It offers VST simulations of the following:

- Boss DS-1 (Distortion stompbox)
- Boss SD-1 (Super Overdrive stompbox)
- Tube Screamer (Overdrive stompbox)
- Oberheim PS-1 (Phaser stompbox)
- Univox Univibe (Modulations stompbox)
- Fender Twin 1969 (Guitar amplifier)
- Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb (Guitar amplifier)

As for acoustic/classical guitar, I run my Fender GN45SCE Grand Nylon through a Boss AD-3 then record it in stereo with just a hint of Chorus and Reverb.

I use two Delta 44 cards and SONAR Producer Edition 4.03.
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