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The latest of my remasters. Made a change to the website so I'm phasing out the links going through a 3rd party ad server - they suck, so they'll all be removed from my site over the next few weeks. Anyway, the link on the page to this show goes straight to the file.

This is the full set recorded from the audience, including the super rare unreleased track they performed that night.

I ran it through some studio toys to remove much of the ambience you naturally get with audience recordings that make bands sound "distant", and I brought back more of the music itself to give me more to work with. After that, it was 30 band EQ to improve the drums, bass and - well make everything sound less muddy and clearer with more impact, and finally, a little correction to the stereo image in a few parts of the gig where it veered off to the right.

There is an FM recording of this show but it misses out about 1 hour of music - including the unreleased track. This is the full thing, lasting 1 hr 45 minutes - a great Kraftwerk gig, sounding better than ever.

The link to the download, along with setlist etc is here:

Live and Loud!: Show 140 - Kraftwerk - Live At Tribal Gathering Luton Hoo - 24 May 1997

As with all my shows, the links will not be dying anytime soon, so should still be around in a few years time (barring nuclear war or me dying, whichever comes first).
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