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Hi all

I'm in the process of getting my remastered gigs back online - I do an online radio show where I broadcast repaired and remastered gig recordings; usually soundboards or FM recordings in various states. Once they're cleaned up they can sound pretty incredible.

This one is the Pet Shop Boys, from June 1991, recorded live at Wembley.

Setlist and other details on the show are on my archive here:

Download link is here:

The file is a 320kbps mp3 - and as a radio show, it has a jingle, intro and outro (all pretty short) - all songs are in 1 long mp3; gaps from where separate mp3s have been joined have been erased, so its all seamless. And the bit'ly link is just there for me to keep a count on downloads (I'm a bit nerdy and like that stuff!). Cheers.

Hope you enjoy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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