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Got a bit behind again, so posting up the latest shows I've restored this year.

This one was an old FM broadcast with just under an hour's worth of Moyet's live set from the time, backed by a very proficient live band. It was on a cassette sent in by 1 of my listeners. Once I'd transferred it, it was obvious there was quite a lot of damage on several songs; tape dropouts, wow and some bad flutter mainly. After a few days' work, it was far better and I could move onto removing the FM recording hiss and then EQ'ing and mastering.

It is now sounding excellent for the most part - only a few seconds of damage in a couple of songs are still audible.

You can grab it from the link below, which takes you to my site for more info on the show, including the setlist and link to download for free.

Show link

As with all my shows, the links will not be dying anytime soon, so should still be around in a few years time (barring nuclear war or me dying, whichever comes first).

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