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I saw a listing on a forum for this and was curious if anyone might have it.

Elvis Presley-I'm Only Human 2018 Caution Adult Language!!!
Circle G
Adult Language
Found At Traders Swap West Memphis, Arkansas Summer 2018
If You Don't Like It, Keep It To Yourself, I Share These Freely, Out Of Love Not Profit, Nor Praise. I Buy, Trade,and Rip, and Share As I Recieve Them, Plain and Simple. Most Of What I Get Are In Plain Sleeves. I Pay For Gas, Plus Lodging, Plus Price For Trades. You Get It For FREE! Please Take That In Consideration Before Making Ugly Comments. I post To A Multitude of Servers, In Case Links Go Dead. I Love This Forum, Please Take In Consideration Of What I Just Said Before Posting Ugly Comments. Love and Thanks! Margo

1. Elvis Presley - If You Don't Come Back, Find Out What's Happening, Medley (5:14)
2. Elvis Presley - Only The Strong Survive, Any Day Now, I Gotta Thing About You Baby, After Loving You (7:22)
3. Elvis Presley - Comments (0:28)
4. Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (2:59)
5. Elvis Presley - Love Song Of The Year Funny Outtake (3:43)
6. Elvis Presley - Moody Blue,Fever,Suspicious Minds,Stay Away.. (3:26)
7. Elvis Presley - Moody Blue
8. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
9. Elvis Presley - U.S. Male
10. Elvis Presley - For Ol Times Sake Take 5 7
11. Elvis Presley - Stranger In My Own Home Town
12. Elvis Presley - Only The Strong Survive ( Alt.Take)
13. Elvis Presley - Hurt (Take 69, X Rated Version)
14. Elvis Presley - Stay Away
15. Elvis Presley - One Night of Sin (rare sax)
16. Elvis Presley - Only The Strong Survive,Sylvia
17. Elvis Presley - Lethal Injection
18. Elvis Presley - Drug Talk
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