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Hi, I'm looking for concert bootlegs of space rock band called "Eloy". I'm especially interested in their bootlegs from early years, with Manfred Wieczorke on keyboards, like:

Eloy - "Minden, Zur Grille"(19-04-1973)

Eloy - "Live in Bonn"(1974)

Eloy - "Bonn Underground"(29-03-1975)

Eloy - "Live In Hamm An Der Sieg"(12-10-1975)

Any other bootlegs from later years are also very welcome (I know that Eloy's bootlegs are very difficult to find...). Other bootlegs I've read about and can't find anywhere:

Eloy - "Live in Hamburg"(1976)

Eloy - "Live in Hamburg, Markthalle 1977"(25-03-1977)

Eloy - "Ludwigshafen 1978"(1978)

Eloy - "Neue Welt, Berlin"(11-03-1979)

Eloy - "Live in Saarbrucken"(21-03-1979)

Eloy - "Besancon, France"(Live in Besançon or (LIVE AT LE THEATRE MUSICAL DE BESANCON, BESANCON, FRANCE 9/25/80)(25-09-1980)

Eloy - "Bad Kreuznach 1980"(18-10-1980)

Eloy - "Live in Berlin 1983"(1983)

Eloy - "Live in Paris"(1983)

Thanks in advance for any help!:doh:
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