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Hey guys, am I the only one who thinks it's time for a change? The thread's getting too big and rather than locking it and starting a new one, I was thinking maybe we could try something else. How's this... a subforum for requests! This new subforum mod seems to be working out quite well in the bootlegs and artists forums. There's a few advantages to this...

- individual requests can be made in seperate threads (since everyone keeps trying to do it anyway, lol) which makes them more noticeable.

- by only allowing requests in the subforum... we will be able to still keep track of everything

- the individual thread for each request allows for more conversation where members can reply to second the request, etc.

This is kinda how it's done over at jamtothis and it's working great over there.

I was gonna PM this to you Eric, but I'd like to hear what Bones and Khaos think too.

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