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Well, I've had the amp for a few days now, and i thought i'd give some likes and dislikes for it so far.

Lame. Looks stupid. I like to see tubes. Since I bought it used and out of warrantee anyways, I removed the front panel, took the logo off, carefully removed the tolex, and cut a hole in it so that it was merely a 3/4 inch border. Then I rewrapped it in the tolex, and screwed a chrome grille i got at home depot to it. Then I replaced it. Now it looks bitchin' cuz you can see the tubes.

As far as the cabinet goes, I took the logo off that too, and I am painting a pentagram on it (this amp is for my Crue tribute band)

Simple yet effective. No master volume, just gain, EQ, presence, and volume. No hard to understand controls to confuse me. VERY nice.

Clean channel:
Possibly the best I've heard. I can get a wide range of clean sounds, and effects sound great. at high volumes, it breaks up JUST a bit when in 50 watt mode.

Gain channel:
Initially I was disappointed, but then I did some research. Because I live in an apartment for 10 more days, I had the volume low, and the gain high. It sounded like shit. Once i did some reading, I figured out that this amp has actually too much gain. When I turned the gain WAY down to 6, and cranked the volume, I got the most beautiful distortion I've heard in a while. Perfect for the crue project. With this amp, moderation is everything. extremes on ANY setting, EQ or gain, sound bad. My current tone is roughly 6 high, 4 mid, 6 bass, and 6 gain, with volume at 8. Hitting strings softly produces just a mild overdrive, hitting them hard gets me a beautiful growl. VERY sensitive to attack.

This is at the 50 watt setting... at 100 watts, I need to crank volume to 10 to get satisfying tone out of it.

Effects loop: dunno yet. Will post about that soon

Price: I paid 700 used for the head, cabinet, and a jackson performer kelly that I threw new pickups in. Very nice indeed

Hope this helps... this amp is THE best value in music right now.

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The MTS needs to breath to sound good. It needs power tube saturation more than preamp saturation. You did the right thing by backing off on the gain and pushing the speakers for distortion.

I've got the combo and it sounds great when pushed that way.

You might want to look into retubing with some other tubes the factory tubes are a bit lame.

Also swapping the stock speakers out in the cab for some greenbacks helps for the type of sound you are going for.

You are right The MTS is the best deal going too bad you can't really try before you buy unless you live in SoCal.
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