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Rippin jam with Paul Gilbert and erm ... me

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You Dudes,

Found this Jam track with Paul Gilbert and thought it'd be perfect for a quick Jam.

Only 2 (rather short spaces - though feel free to rip over PG) places on this, so get em in quick!

PG: 0:00 - 0:21

Me: 0:21 - 0:43

PG: 0:43 - 0:51

Solo beggin' 0:51 - 1:00

PG: 1:00 - 1:08

Solo Beggin': 1:08 - 1:16

Pablo: 1:16 to end

This is my first attempt at a mix so be gentle.

Tear it up dudes!

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didnt hear you on the track at all dude, you sure you uploaded the right track?

can't remember the site off hand where this track lives along with its various versions done by other guitarists (it was in a thread on this very forum a while back)
I just posted the backing track. I can post the track with my solo if it'll help?

Anybody fancy trading on this?
that's what i thought you had posted, your version ;)

here's the site which has the backing track and also variations by others jamming to it, plus thers more jam tracks, i forget which post this was in another part of the forum
hehe, lots of people have jammed on this tune! Thanks for the link.

SloB, you fancy trading on this then for a bit of fun? Why not take the 2 free slots.
sure, when yer happy with your bits bosh me the track via pm or something and i'll add summit ;)
Top man! Here's my lead. Send your parts over when you're done and I'll mix em in. Can't wait for this!

Nice one SLoB mate.
OOoooo sweet style and fluid runs!
ur style is VERY inspiring
Thanks Andy, thats really cool of you man.
i got me work cut out keeping pace with ya elecjoy ;)
expect summit either l8 tonite or tomoro :)
you kicked gilberts ass :chucks:
As elecjoy said

Only 2 (rather short spaces - though feel free to rip over PG ;)) places on this, so get em in quick!


PG: 0:00 - 0:24

Elecjoy: 0:24 - 0:43 - very cool dude, wanna hear more of ya :)

PG: 0:43 - 0:51

SLoB: 0:51 - 1:00

PG: 1:00 - 1:08

SLoB: 1:08 - 1:16

PG: 1:16 to end

I've kept more or less to PGs style as that solo section lends itself to keep in a similar style.

Thanks Elecjoy for letting me butcher 2 sections ;), loved your playing dude over the 1st section, surprised ya didnt wanna do the whole lot ;)
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He no problem SLoB, thanks for knocking out some great solo's (love the EVH moment in your 2nd solo) - a nice contrast in styles! Pleasure collabing with you!

I did solo over everything to begin with - then I lost the last two sections when my machine crashed. So I thought I'd open it up for a collab and I'm glad I did, this was cool!

I'll post this in the completed jam section too.

Hmmm Black Star not too sure about that, but thanks for the comments dude appreciate it :rock: !
Whoo...YOU took the jam out of my donut elec...:bowdown:

SLoB...awesome stuff and nice contrast between all 'three' of ya.

Great stuff guys...where do I sign! :rock:
hehe thanks Chris, you rule mate!
god dammmmmmmn, what PG song is that man! is there a tab?. that is some of the best soloing ive ever heard. godman im so happy, a change from the old malmsteen, so much fresh from hearing a million malsteen licks and runs.
Man, that's pretty scary! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
Mr Crumb said:
Man, that's pretty scary! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
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